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Let Your Sunshine In

Life's Journeys

Wanted to Shine

Wanted to Shine

I heard him talking quietly as I walked towards him, yet as I drew near, he suddenly quit.
What had he been saying, to whom or what for?
I sensed an uneasy feeling that he would speak no more.

Many branches were crooked and dressed in brown.
Some touched the sky while others the ground.Dead_tree_by_Vidkym
Standing alone and bewildered I began to quiver,
far below in the valley I could hear the river.

Several clouds overhead were sprinkled with gold…
Another feeling inside told me this fellow was old .
He was alone and I came to believe,
that death was near, because I couldn’t see any leaves …

tree yellow leavesI came back a few years later to visit an old fellow.
New branches had grown, all dressed in yellow. A chat took place and it was well worth my time;
spent with an old fellow who once again wanted to shine.

Robert Wallace
cc: rw 2012