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Treasure Hunt for My Sweetheart

My dream night with my hubby would start with HIM preparing a Treasure Hunt for me. He would need to find 3 or 4 of my friends to help him pull this off though. This would require him to have all bases covered…overnight childcare too!!! Oh my prince would make hotel and restaurant arrangements that would lead me on a romantic trail right into his arms!!! Let the planning begin!

Do you want flowers in the hotel room or restaurant? Next item to decide is champagne or wine? Does your sweetheart love chocolate covered strawberries? Think…Jacuzzi tub full of bubbles, candle light, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Last minute details flowers delivered and pack an overnight bag. I suggest one of your sweetheart’s friend help. Don’t forget candles, wine glasses, and bubble bath. Oh, plus your clothes. Hide the suitcase in your car.

Now you are ready to write your romantic messages that will lead your princess on the hunt to her prince! You will need 6 messages to instruct your sweetheart to drop the kiddos off, which you have left her another message. Send her to the grocery store, to pick up a cold bottle of champagne; make sure the message specifies which store and a specific check stand. Her next message sends her to a friend’s to pick up chocolate covered strawberries and another message. The clue to where your car is parked! Inside your car… last message and hotel key!

Okay honey, you need to come up with excuses why you’re not going to be around today.
While you’re passing out messages, preparing the hotel room, and be in that Jacuzzi, waiting for your princess to arrive.

Cc: Nita Lopez, 2/06