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The Profile

best-online-dating-sites1I bet you’ve been trudging through all of these profiles, one after another, some even twice, in hopes of finding and meeting that one special female. She may not be perfect, but you’re not looking for perfect. You’re looking for what you feel you deserve to have in another person.

Why deserve? Why not? You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Every morning you wake and take on what the day has to offer. You climbed over that mountain, zigzagged across that valley and even floated down that stream.

Now, you find yourself with a screen in front of you, all these different pictures to look at and all these different words to read. When all you really want to do is just find a decent woman with the same good/strong morals and values you have. Interest’s come and go, but good character is instilled from early on and lasts a lifetime!

Let’s say it’s a Saturday morning. You’ve busted your hump all week long. She wakes up, but lets you sleep in that extra hour, because she knows it’s your day off from the hustle and bustle of your JOB. She gets in the shower before you, so that you can have the bathroom all to yourself when you get up. She even wipes down the shower when she’s done. She surprises you with fresh brewed coffee and fixes you breakfast.

Nothing fancy, a couple of eggs, a bagel or fresh fruit she’s not perfect; you realized how far she has come. When she got seriously ill in 2000 and died! You know where she was physically. She told you how sick she was and how she was bed-bound, because she was paralyzed, she worked tirelessly to get into a wheel chair. and pushed herself to be able to walk with a walker. Today she is working to drop kick that walker into the ocean. She says she is a survivor; he says she is amazing. She’s not perfect, but she’s not looking for anyone that is perfect.

She has read the weather report, going to a fairly decent day and she knows you don’t get out on the golf course much. He knows that your not crazy about golfing, but you don’t hesitate to go with, besides you know you can drive him around in the golf cart. And practice driving, just maybe she will retain her drivers license again. She is willing to do this for him because she knows that this is something he enjoys. Besides, it wouldn’t be right to have him play golf all by himself. He really likes that she’s a little old fashion this way.

During the ride, you let him put his iPod on shuffle. You don’t like everything he listens to, but you know he has such a diverse taste in music, that you’re bound to hear something you want to sing to or crank up! You do this, because you know, because you decided today was his special day.

While you’re driving around in the golf cart, you call one of his favorite restaurants and make a lunch reservation. If the weather is warm, a street cafe, where you can both people watch. You end up laughing and enjoying yourselves so much, that the time just flies by.

It’s getting towards late afternoon and there’s this movie you both have been waiting to see. So, you go to the 4:00 show to beat the rush. After-ward’s, you stop for something to eat at that local Italian or Mexican restaurant you both love. You discuss the good and the bad of the movie you’ve just seen. You’re both laughing and talking so much, that the time flies by again.

When you get home, you both decide to curl up on the couch to unwind. For the umpteenth time you watch Mr. Ed, romance, Action, or one of those cute Pixar films you both love. The kind of movie that doesn’t require a lot of concentration. After all, it’s getting late.

The next day, maybe, it’ll be her turn to sleep in and be surprised by breakfast. Who knows what you’ll end up doing? The main thing is … you’ll be doing it together.

If you’d like to meet a real, honest, and truthful female like this, send her a wink or an email. You never know? She just might be what your looking for!

co/Nita Davis-Lopez 2013