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The Love Letter

Have you ever thought about how much you love yourself? I know I love myself, but I never wrote myself a love letter. I never realized how hard it would be to write such a letter. I learned a lot about myself doing this task. I invite you to write yourself a love letter to yourself.
Here is my letter:

My Dearest Nita,

I am not quite sure how to begin telling myself; let alone write a love letter to myself. But the fact is I do love myself. It has taken a few years to learn how and respect my pass and move through it, so here goes!

I love the fact that I am so committed to my personal and spiritual growth, and that I am determined to create an ideal life, for myself I love that I am full of compassion to help others in anyway possible. And that I am a very passionate and loving woman. My cup over flows and I am finally enjoying my life, even the wildest dreams.

I love how I try to focus on the positive even on those days when I don’t feel so great, and that I always work hard to stay optimistic and focused on the best ideal outcome. I love that I am able and constantly getting to know myself on deeper levels, and are always improving my relationship with myself.

Thank you for taking the risk of breaking free of the chains that allowed us to grow. I am enjoying the new me and finding the hidden beauty that lies within me; on the outside and inside as well. I love my sexy, sassy and full of soul life. Who would of guess how powerful it is to love oneself. I love my determination and downright stubbornness at times! I think those are great qualities and that helps me to be protective and strong when I need to be stubborn.

Upon waking up, I see myself getting stronger, lighter, and more beautiful. I’ve taught myself so much. I’ve learned to be quiet my mind and hold my thoughts now.. only speak when I have something supportive and kind to say to myself. I’ve learned to comfort myself and build myself back up when I am feeling sad, hurt, or upset. I’ve learned to let myself dance when the music plays, and to remind myself to play the music to dance as I lift my spirits. I’ve learned to let myself open my heart to those I love, and who want my love and creativity… I express myself with a freedom now that fills me with a quiet pride.

I will never let myself lose myself again, OK? I promise myself. And I will never ever let myself be treated poorly or without the utmost of respect, care and admiration. I deserve to always be treated like a “Worthy Human”. I am loved and have myself respected. I will always act in ways that prove this. I will never allow myself to chase a man, or try and change myself or anything about myself for a man, a friend, a job or anyone. I am perfect just the way I am. The Lord loves me. I am a Divine Being and so beautiful. Never stop smiling and loving. These two will always sustain and refresh me. And remember always let the sunshine into my heart! I love myself so much.

I’m so very humbled at times by my sheer willingness to keep trying, keep loving, and keep learning – no matter what happens, and especially my capacity for love… my God, I am a lover of people, and life. I won’t ever let anyone try to snuff out my beautiful light – ever again… Am I listening? I am a child of God, and I’ve got some amazing, world transforming work to do. I know the world would be a much better place if there were more me’s around.

I love you and so does God!

co/Nita Davis-Lopez 2013