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Let Your Sunshine In

Life's Journeys

Saying Goodbye

True to My Heart

You know, life is so full of surprises, disappoints, challenges, discoveries, pain, happiness, sorrow, and the list could go on and on. But, as I weather the storms and shine I have learned to stay true to my heart. Like my eyes; my heart is the key to my soul.

I hold steadfast to that key. I cannot give a key I do not have. Only God can give my “key” to my heart to the one he chooses, for me. And only “I” can protect my soul from being crushed once more. I am sorry, but I cannot relinquish my key to you, for I know there will not be a future with you. This has been a challenging discovery and does not come lightly, but we both know what I am saying is true. We both want different futures and it is not fair to either one of us to continue down an empty path, that will end up in sorrow.

I think there has been enough sorrow in our lives; why be the creator of any more? So, with this I bid you farewell and pray that you weather each storm and shine with joy in your soul.